A brief history

Origins and Purpose

The Gender in Management Special Interest Group was formed in 2002 as a result of discussion at the Gender and Management stream at the EURAM Conference in Stockholm in May 2002. The purpose of the SIG is to act as a dedicated network for academics to keep up to date with current issues in the area of gender and management.

Original objectives

The SIG has a series of objectives which are to:

  • improve the future position of gender issues in management through policy recommendations
  • share and encourage international, interdisciplinary and cross cultural research
  • develop an international focus for research ideas and dialogue
  • enable members to keep up to date with current issues in the area of gender and work
  • act as a forum for members to exchange ideas and information around topics related to gender and management
  • provide a supportive environment in which both new and established academics can share and develop ideas (e.g. through mentoring, study groups and peer reviewing)
  • provide networking opportunities for academics researching in the area.
  • act as a forum for the development of an integrated body of management knowledge

Past Activities

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Past Events

Book Launch

Men in Caring Occupations: Doing gender Differently

A Decade of Delay for Women Directors – the latest Female FTSE Report 2008 .

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Outstanding Paper Award Winner

: Winner Sharon Mavin (centre)

pictured with Sandra Fielden, Editor (left), and Rebecca Marsh, Emerald (right)

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